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Grof Degenfeld

Grof Degenfeld Tribute

The Grof Degenfeld winery in the Tokaj region of Hungary is a story of resurrection and triumph....from the ashes of the failed communist regime of 50 years; occupying their property; to the triumph of today where it's back in the family hands and thriving.

Count Imre Degenfeld was a founding member of the Tokaj-Hegyalja Viticultural Association established in 1857....in 1994 the family was able to re-acquire their property and purchase additional world-class vineyards just north of Tarcal at the foot of Theresa hill the home of the best sites of the entire region of Tokaj comprising of some 100 hectares. The family also renovated the old winery and cellars....the winemaking facilities are modern state of the art facilities.

The owners, Countess Maria Degenfeld and her husband Dr. Thomas Lindner, also reconstructed the old winery building that was used by the communist regime as a viticultural school and turned it into a 4-star castle hotel opening it's gates in May 2003.

The wines of the Grof Degenfeld winery are extraordinary quality, with excellent purity of fruit and flavors....produced in the modern style with perfect balance and harmony.

Grand Cru Imports is proud to be the exclusive importer to the USA of these outstanding wines.