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St. Emilion

St. Emilion lies within the Libournais wine region, spreading over thirteen thousand acres, whose soil composition can be divided into five separate sections; the "heart" wine area, "slopes" area, "gravels" area, "sandy glacis, and finally, the "plains." St. Emilion's winter months are relatively mild, the summer period warm without long hot periods to injure the grapes' maturity cycle by an early ripening, however, the vineyards are exposed to frequent winter and spring frosts due to it's proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Chateaux in the St. Emilion region include:

  • Chateau Ausone
  • Chateau Angelus
  • Chateau Andreas
  • Chateau Bel Air Ouy
  • Chateau Cheval Blanc
  • Chateau Clos Badon Thunevin
  • Chateau Croi de Labrie
  • Chateau Lynsolence
  • Chateau Magrez Fombrauge
  • Chateau Mathilde la Fleur Morange
  • Chateau Tertre Roteboeuf
  • Chateau St. Domingue
  • Chateau Valandraud